allies are sort of like?? if every dog you ever met pooped in your shoes, you’d probably be like “man i hate dogs?? they keep pooping in my shoes” but like sometimes there’s really well-trained dogs and they actually listen and they dont poop in your shoes and obviously you dont hate that dog because it doesn’t poop in your shoes but you’re not going to go above and beyond and be like “GOOD DOG YOU DIDNT POOP IN MY SHOES” because it’s not supposed to poop in your shoes in the first plac. but they don’t expect you to praise them for it they just dont poop in your shoes

so be a good straight ally and stop pooping in queer people’s shoes



one of the weirdest beliefs anti sj types seem to have is that people cannot be part of more than one marginalized group at once

trans AND black? nope.

disabled AND bisexual?? never.

asian AND intersex AND disabled? now youre just weaving tapestries of fantasy.

it’s like we’re spending “character points” or something to be what we are

male/white/abled/cis/straight is the ~default~ character setting and for every step away from that, we have to spend points. if you spend your points on being black and bi, you can’t ALSO be trans! that’s just not REALISTIC

Ellen Page said she’d been scared to reveal her truth, and in response way too many people responded with, ”In other news, the sky is blue.” The fact that so many felt comfortable being that rude to someone who’d just publicly shared a private struggle speaks volumes about how important they consider the issues of gay women to be. We should be wary of these people. People like them are why so many believe this country is post-racial or post-feminist when this country is racist as fuck and hates women.

[text reads: “don’t you think queer headcanons are taking things a bit too far?” <3]


[text reads: “don’t you think queer headcanons are taking things a bit too far?” <3]


trans/queerphobia is not limited solely to the actual murder of people it also includes but is not limited to:

  • casual cissexism (ie. “girls are so strong dealing with their periods!”)
  • denial of privilege (ie. “yeah gay people might have it hard but i have it hard too and im straight!!”)
  • trivialization of oppression (ie. “not all cis people are like that!! theres a few assholes out there, but most people are accepting!”)
  • passive by-standing (ie. not actively oppressing trans/queer people but also not DOING ANYTHING when they are being oppressed)
  • refocusing attention onto the privileged party (ie. “yeah you may get called a [t slur] but you called me a cishet which is bullying!!”)
  • weaponizing support (ie. “now that you were mean to me i dont know if i want to support queer people anymore”)
  • invalidation of anger (ie. “just because youre oppressed doesnt mean you can just bully people!”)
  • simplifying oppression (ie. “lets all just be nice to each other!”)
  • erasure of identities (ie. “just stop labeling yourself and you wont get oppressed!”
  • speaking over an oppressed party [whether for profit or not] (ie. MACKLEMORE)
New phrase: “Dumbledore gay”


When a fictional character is identified as gay by their creator but nothing in the source material explicitly reveals the character’s sexuality.


Tokyo - Japan (von Jokin Sukuntza)



Lady Gaga paired up with a convicted rapist to perform a song called “Do What You Want With My Body” and Miley Cyrus had no problem happily performing with Robin Thicke and never once called out the message of his song

And white feminists still act like they’re some kind of progressive icons

rape tw,


i love when straight people think that a gay character being included “without it even being a thing" (e.g. dumbledore) is this perfect progressive representation. it makes sense because thats how they want me: silent, complacent, closeted. u want me to be a nearly invisible optional easter egg bonus in the disney princess movie of ur life


Laura Jane Grace wrote a song called Transgender Dysphoria Blues and people misgender her and call her a freak but a straight cis guy raps a song about gay marriage and he’s suddenly the voice of a generation.

Fuck that. 

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